The Supreme Court Opinion Is Intellectually Shallow, A Sham and An Embarrassment of the Court

Uchambuzi Tanaka

Supreme Court Justices

The Supreme Court has issued it’s long awaited opinion in the Raila and AfriCog petitions; you can read the opinion at Supreme Court Opinion

This is a joke of a an opinion and an embarrassment of the Supreme Court to say the least.

How can the Court regurgitate without analysis what the lawyers argued and call that an opinion!!!

What passes as legal analysis is only but a handful or so of pages the rest one may as well read the pleadings, which anyone can do.

A court, let alone the highest court of the land is supposed required to analyze what’s presented as evidence, which includes the written pleadings and render an informed, sound legal judgment supported by that evidence.

That’s obviously not what we have here as anyone objectively analyzing this opinion would conclude.

The day the Supreme Court issued its written opinion was the second saddest day…

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